Why CoolTherm™

We have not invented the Heat & the Cold ......... we limit ourselves to controlling it

Why CoolTherm™?

Cooltherm provides cold and heat treatment in the most convenient, consistent and accurate way for various users. Cooltherm’s methodology to induce cold and heat into treated areas stimulates longer lasting temperature treatment.

Capable of providing cryotherapy, thermotherapy Does not require ice or water to operate Integrated microprocessor that facilitates programming of the treatments Low wattage requirements, hence, economical and eco-friendly Lightweight and portable; our devices can sit in a bag ,even battery operated. As the ambient temperature and body heat affect the actual temperature, the intelligent system continuously monitors and make adjustments to achieve the temperature Noise emitted by the device is barely audible, for a soothing treatment process The devices and wraps are designed to endure long-term, commercial and portable usage.

Cooltherm™ uses (patent pending) thermoelectric technology to provide cryotherapy (cold), thermotherapy (heat). The Cooltherm™ technology has spawned a variety of applications, including in the  medical and aesthetic fields.

Luxury Manipole Box, for end user.