Cooltherm Duotherm is a light, handheld device that delivers targeted cold or heat therapy with a wand-like design, which allows the therapist to apply in-depth pressure combined with low or high temperatures on the affected area to provide immediate relief and promote healing.

The CoolthermTM Duotherm treatment is focused and fast. These units can reach a temperature as low as 0°C / 32°F or as high as 42°C / 108°F to quickly reduce swelling and discomfort, anaesthetize specific areas and prevent further aggravation of injuries. These units fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. On a full charge, the gadget lasts for two hours.


Duotherm II

This device is easily portable for transporting within the treatment centre, to house visits and on-site treatment for sporting events. When in use, the device is extremely quiet, allowing for a relaxing treatment session. The unit can also be placed in physiotherapy departments, sporting establishments, chiropractic centres, etc.

Cooltherm Duotherm II is capable of reaching temperatures from 8°C / 46°F to 42°C / 108°F. The targeted temperatures can be achieved in minutes, for swift commencement of treatment. It is exceedingly power-efficient, which leads to significant cost savings in the long run and is essential for effective overhead cost management. The unit treatment can be performed with both, a special manipole as well as Hitech’s wraps.



The CoolthermTM Physiolite Unit is a comprehensive model used to remedy a wide-range of physical maladies. Swift temperature change and durability make it indispensable for high turnover usage.

For such a powerful and durable machine, the CoolthermTM Physiolite Unit is unexpectedly compact and quiet. On top of that, it is exceedingly power-efficient which is essential for all eco-friendly practices as well as long-term overhead cost management.

It is ideal for physiotherapy departments, sporting establishments, retirement homes etc…

The CoolthermTM Physiolite Unit can achieve controlled temperatures of 5°C to 42°C / 41°F to 108°F, and reach the desired temperature in a mere minutes









The Wraps

The anatomical structure of a human is so varied across the entire body that no one wrap should suffice. Cooltherm’s wraps consist of a range of designs to cater to the various parts of the body.

Wrap applications

Thermoelectric Effect
The revolutionary system in the wraps produces a form of thermoelectric effect that transfers heat from one side to the other interchangeably, efficiently cooling or heating the surface applied to the skin. It is this simple yet ingenious idea that did away with voluminous liquid flow within the machinery.

Extremely durable
The wraps were designed with durability in mind, for long-term, heavy-duty usage; sheathed in SBR material, the wraps can endure extreme temperatures of -20 to 70 ° C and withstand frequent abrasion

Cooltherm’s wrap for different parts of body:

  • Shoulder
  • Tummy/Abdomen
  • Thigh
  • Knee
  • Calf
  • Lumbar/Back
  • Elbow

Dust cover

Dust cover is used to cover the Physiolite.


Duotherm and Duotherm II is kept inside carry on bag. The bag can also be used to accommodate wraps as well as Cable Hose, power cable and glycol solution bottle.

Cable Hose 2MT

This 2 Meters cable hose is used to connect the wraps to Duotherm II and Physiolite units. The hose delivers simultaneous water flow (Glycol solution) to the wraps from the units. Easy to handle and quick-connect convenience

Power cable

Delivers power to the units from the main power supply

Glycol Solution

140ml bottle which carries 10% of Glycol and 90% of water.