The Cooltherm™ technology

Self-contained, hot & cold combined

Cooltherm™ uses thermoelectric technology to provide cryotherapy (cold), thermotherapy (heat) or a combination of both (contrast) to mitigate symptoms and heal medical infirmities.
This intelligent system dispenses with the need to add ice or water to the machine, surpassing conventional treatments in efficacy and ease of use.

Why Cooltherm™ ??

Cooltherm provides cold and heat therapeutic treatment in the most convenient, consistent and accurate way for various users such as doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, sports teams, athletes, veterinarians, horse owners and pet owners. Cooltherm’s methodology to induce cold and heat into treated areas stimulates longer lasting temperature treatment.
It automatically monitors and self-adjusts according to the ambient conditions and the patient’s body temperature. Therapy can commence swiftly without supervision or refilling of ice or water.
The crux of the technology is in the wraps, where heat is generated and reduced via thermoelectric effect, and conforms to the varied anatomical structures of the human body.
The Cooltherm™ technology has spawned a variety of applications, including in the medical and aesthetic fields, as well as veterinary division.
  • Capable of providing cryotherapy, thermotherapy or contrast therapy
  • Does not require ice or water to operate
  • Integrated microprocessor that facilitates programming of the treatments
  • Low wattage requirements, hence, economical and eco-friendly
  • Lightweight and portable; our devices can sit atop a small tabletop or trolley
  • A selection of wraps are designed to conform to various anatomical structure for a form-fitting, effective application of heat or cold
  • As the ambient temperature and body heat affect the actual temperature, the intelligent system continuously monitors and make adjustments to achieve the desired temperature
  • Noise emitted by the device is barely audible, for a soothing treatment process
  • The machine and wraps are designed to endure long-term, commercial and portable usage

The company overview

Built on the foundation of robust research

Cooltherm’s range of stellar product lineup is manufactured by Hitech Cryotherm (M) Sdn Bhd. The company stands strongly on the foundation of robust research, driven by the pursuit to better lives across the world. Long before the formation of Hitech Cryotherm, its founder, an Italian technologist, had been researching, designing and prototyping holistic medical equipment. This journey began as far back as 1993 under the London-based company, Tech & Power Limited. The focus has always been quality and innovation, which led to the creation of a practical system to replace the conventional ice and water systems. The breakthrough discovery continued to evolve and advance rapidly through partnerships with various expertise from Canada, United Kingdom and Singapore.
By 2012, with a product line that was ready to be shared with the world, the research and production base relocated to Malaysia; the country’s strategic location and conducive environment was ideal to manufacture, market and export the Cooltherm™ inventions globally.

Our headquarters

Presently, Hitech Cryotherm is headquartered in the long-established commercial area of Petaling Jaya, where avid research continues in improving and expanding the Cooltherm™ line. The company works with a wide global network of distributors to extend its market reach as well as share its latest research discoveries with medical and aesthetic practitioners, and patients.


International certification

Cooltherm™ is a recipient of the ISO 13485 certification, an internationally-recognized mark of superior quality awarded to medical device manufacturers who adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

Certificate of Registration MD 608075
Certificate of Registration FS 608074


Hitech Cryotherm welcomes energetic and dedicated talent to join our company. We are looking for experienced staff as well as graduates with electrical and mechanical background to contribute to the growth and development of the company. Graduates from management and marketing background are also welcomed.

Hitech Cryotherm also offers industrial training opportunities to Engineering and Marketing students, to provide them with practical hands on exposure, which can be used as a platform for students to learn and develop themselves.

Interested candidates may email your respective resumes to


The company stands strongly on the foundation of robust research, driven by the pursuit to better lives across the world. Hitech’s focus of quality and innovation, led to the creation of an advanced system which continues to evolve and advance rapidly through partnerships with various expertise from across the world