“Aeternum Novationem” ~ Ever continuously improving

Cutting-edge Technology

Practical, adept and advanced devices born from continuous innovation.

No Water, No Ice

Does not require ice or distilled water to function for fuss-free, muss-free utilization.

Hot & Cold Combined

Wide temperature range for both cryo and thermo therapies with the same machine.

Fast, Accurate & Consistent

Achieves and maintains required temperatures quickly and accurately, without monitoring.

Vision: Your Road To Recovery

About us

Hitech Cryotherm (M) Sdn Bhd is a Malaysia-based company, which has its beginnings in Tech & Power Limited, London since 1993. The R&D that defines the Cooltherm™ brand is led by an Italian technologist, who continues to research and design advanced medical equipment for the betterment of lives around the world.

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  •  Medical
    To relieve and remedy musculoskeletal pains and injuries.
  •  Aesthetics
    For effective and safe slimming treatments.
  •  Veterinary
    To treat pets, livestock and equine.