Breast firming function, and cellulite reduction

The shape of the MANIPOLE has been studied from an ergonomic point of view, to also offer aesthetic solutions, essentially on breasts and thighs.

Breast to get a toning and jar-constricting massage and get the “push-up” effect for a beautiful breast.

Moreover with time, it makes the skin soft, smooth and shiny.

In the thighs and buttocks with the warm function, the MANIPOLE allows the deep transmission of creams and/or natural ingredients, for a deep penetration, with evident and much faster results, in order to favor the dissolution of the fat, and the consequent reduction of cellulite.

All women worldwide eventually face the problem of sagging breasts. Other than painful & expensive surgery, there are only natural remedies for this situation. Everyone experiences stress induced emotional and physical issues.

A patient has to hand hold two cubes of ice at the nape to release symptoms. A search in Google will provide fairly extensive information on these natural remedies. The common thread for natural remedies,recommended by all sites/experts, is the application of “ice massages” with 2 ice cubes,preferably 2-3 times a day!

Manipole can be used when it is convenient, ready to use, clean, does not drip, and provides controlled cold temperature, to massage your breasts. An application of max 2 minutes per breast, is sufficient, to tone it up. Effect for vasoconstriction.

Possible to use any breast care cream, Manipole deeply conveys the active ingredient, with great results.

NO going to ice box- NO holding ice cubes- NO dripping ice water.

For Breast Firming , It delivers cold (5degC),in one machine,at the click of a button.

The world’s only non-ice treatment for delivery of cold for breast firming!


Temperature stabilized, Ergonomic, reaching the temperature of 5 degrees celsius in 60 seconds, reaching a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius in 25 seconds. No water, no ice. Patented Cooltherm Technology (Micro Air Cooling System).

It can work in different parts of the body Delivery of cosmetic products in depth.

Delicate, non-invasive skin treatment.

Its best: Breast Firming / Cellulite Treatment.

Portable, lightweight, even with battery operation included, with remaining charge reading, & USB port available for external recharges.

Usability simple and intuitive, it goes from hot to cold with a click.

Easy timer programming (up to 60 minutes).