About CoolTherm™

Company profile

Hitech Cryotherm has its roots in time, since its founder, an Italian designer, decided to open a Division of Research, Quality Control and Production in Malaysia in 2012. His experience began in 1993 with the patent of the first recirculating liquid machine for physiotherapy. Cooltherm offers treatments with the use of cold and heat in the most convenient way, in terms of precision of temperature and robustness. It is not necessary to use ice or water in the treatments, an integrated microprocessor facilitates the programming of the treatments, does not require high tensions, so it is economical and ecological, light and portable; Our devices can be carried in a bag, even with the battery. Because ambient temperature and body heat affect the actual temperature, the intelligent system continuously monitors and makes the necessary changes to achieve the desired temperature and maintain it throughout the treatment. The noise emitted by the devices is barely audible, which contributes to a treatment in absolute relaxation. The devices and the packaging are designed to last over time. All our products are Technically Designed and Engineered, in Italy, where HITECH CRYOTHERM, constantly collaborates, in order to bring on the market, real news in the field, medical, aesthetic and industrial. Cooltherm TM uses thermoelectric technology (patent pending) to provide hot & cold, this allows you to have no moving parts, and therefore not subject to wear. In addition to the advantage of the lightness and compactness of the system. The decision to open a HUB in Malaysia for production, was a strategic choice, to be closer to strategic suppliers of components, this has allowed us to reduce the time of research and development, deliveries of goods, and not least have reduced significantly the transport costs. These 3 things together, allows us to assemble systems and devices, with reduced and competitive costs on the world market. Our partnership in Italy is with ATREX srl, a reality in the world of aesthetics market, in continuous growth, in terms of market and development of new technologies. Some projects have been implemented with this technology, even in the veterinary field.

International certification

Coolthermâ„¢ is a recipient of the ISO 13485 certification, an internationally-recognized mark of superior quality awarded to medical device manufacturers who adhere to strict manufacturing standards.

Certificate of Registration MD 608075
Certificate of Registration FS 608074


The company stands strongly on the foundation of robust research, driven by the pursuit to better lives across the world. Hitech’s focus of quality and innovation, led to the creation of an advanced system which continues to evolve and advance rapidly through partnerships with various expertise from across the world